Wednesday, January 23, 2008

peacock flats


so much of life seems to be either a struggle against or an acceptance of
subconcious patterns.

certain triggers make me miss certain situations,
even ones that i know are baaad bad news.
but every once in a great while,
you might find yourself where i found myself on sunday,

glad for a new development in my sometimes routineless routine...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

well placed shaker

hiking pretty much does it for me every time...
especially with my "sister."
i came back with a stack of paperbark, some seedpods, the usual.
thinking of a few art projects.
a long time ago, one of my very metropolitan friends was interrogating me about all of this time i spend
out there.
why? she wondered
what do you Do Out There?
i couldn't understand how she didn't understand the value of spending time with nature.
but i couldn't explain it either.

but the rest of this post she would probably understand.
good people.

lou is one of my favorite friends ever, such a real person!
his birthday was a blast
and reminded me of another time when he struck a solitary pose with a single balloon...

well placed shaker?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

where's the time go

my bad, it's been a few weeks!
a little christmas, a little new years...

and now it's cold here but only in that hawaii kindof way. storms. waves. socks.
need to start bringing my camera out more. it's been on my desk since
jan 1!

please check out
for some post-apocalyptic inspirations.
things like

"i sold all of our belongings and packed the car with snacks while you were at work.
i set the cat free. i crank called 911.
i bit our landlord.
we can never go back! we're free."

i'm spending some time not on my business, but on my portfolio and projects i've only dreamed of. i'm spending some time on thinking big i guess. residencies, scholarships. anyone want to write me a letter of recommendation?

because i can sit and make small things all day, small art, and i love it, but i need to keep challenging myself. i told myself i would take this time to focus on myself as an artist, i would be my own school.
i always wanted to do that.
but it's hard.
oh and having lots of dreams, for real. and remembering them quite vividly. i
can't begin to debrief all these dreams.

my phone's been ringing a lot lately. things have changed for me on a lot of levels, probably for the best.

but that doesn't deny the fact that i'm wrestling with myself.