Saturday, October 18, 2008

~secret lunch~

well sir,
there is no such thing as a free lunch, no love for sale here. and besides, remember that story about van gogh. just because you consider someone to be a brilliant artist, they might not be the kind of company you would like to keep during your dinner.

(giving a full refund never felt so good)
(secret lunch)

so disappointment clouds lift with the arrival of old friends. the new york/ connecticut-hawaii-spain triangle begins!

saved you a seat

jen threw up eight times, i threw up three. we never get seasick! what?

dolphins if you like dolphins, get very excited. jen and i we're getting matching dolphin tattoos, she wants hers going around her wrist bone, like it's leaping out of the water. i think i'll go with something a little more classic, timeless. the dolphin ankle.
all jokes aside, i have never felt more moved as when i plopped into the water, cleared my snorkel and was surrounded, simply surrounded by dolphins. jen brought her underwater camera. click here to see those photos...

convertibles and cruises, a girl could get used to all of this...

jen and regina totally spoiled me. i would like for them to come back to stay please. and lord knows my place is small. but they could stay forever and i wouldn't mind a bit.

my souvenir
of their visit is this beautiful pink floatie
"i hate you cottage cheese, i had a baby that's why..."
we decided the scribbling and cursing on the surface
was some sort of performance art...
some poor person with contempt for their own beautiful skin
attacking the supple plastic with ballpoint sharp
the best of the things i have found

but no pictures of the "wave-jumping," nor the honey

time off pays off in inspiration, as i delve deeper and deeper into making art that matters. and beautiful things...silly little things too!
this world is crumbling, if you listen to everybody it makes it true. but somehow it doesn't matter. we all still need beautiful things. we need art. we need art!
and i 100% need to make things! i don't care about much anymore, just making things. learning, making, photographing, documenting, thinking, sketching and the whole thing starts again. naming. argh! that's what i'm supposed to be doing right now...

the breaks in my routine let the sun in that's for sure, but the making things is the privately examined world i hold dear, without which none of this would matter much at all.

happy hands...

serving utensils...

sick wallets...

ps ...made from trash, rinsed plastic scraps i arrange and fuse together to make a fabric, then sketched i mean stitched together on my machine...

still stumped...naw
quarried and quartered