Saturday, March 22, 2008

scratch it off the list

this morning i kept hearing stories of people finding sunrise shells in unexpected places; i kept seeing people with sunrise shell pendants, and i do believe that one day i might get one from the ocean instead of having to buy one off of a crackhead.
and then i stumbled upon something i've looked for for a long long time.

the hawaiian monk seal, endangered amazing and actually right in front of me taking a nap.
thank you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

everything except the paper doll dress

these photos are old. and i am not a daily blogger. i'm just procrastinating doing my taxes. actually i'm in the middle of them and it's really not fun.

but fat tuesday last month was fun for some people! i was working in front of indigo, which was a great place to run into just about everyone, especially these crazy fun friends...angela, christen, and cori
i was supertame that night, just enjoying the people watching.

where oh where do you take lindsay on a hike, i ask myself. after all this rain, who wants to mudwrestle with a mountain?
so peacock flats one more time...

umm we got soaked

it was absolutely beautiful

so i returned a call,
after i calmed down. i decided it was time to be a good friend,
no matter what.

take a long drive.

maybe two.

but no more of this bus stop business for at least a quick minute...

i'm trying to accept that patience and desire
are the only tools i require.
they've gotten me this far!
into my own car!
oh lord i am so the worst poet.
cause that sucked.
plus i can't think of a thing that rhymes with risk, and that's the other part of the equation.
oh well.

windows and walls.


there's been a lot of art being made, and unfortunately on my quest to design tattoos as a commission from a friend, i found one i want!

just the green and purple plant travelling up my side might be nice...
it's from the best book ever,
Drawing Upon Nature: Studies for the Blaschkas' Glass Models

perhaps i'll look back at this in a year and still want it.

for now i'm a little gun.shy.

so the east...

and the north...

and whatever's inbetween
(me and feeling fine)