Monday, September 15, 2008

so when can i move in

please support the arts...scott, this looks good.
thank you.
and david, you too!


i would like to send a shout out to all you commuters out there. i don't know how you do it!


so. i have this vision see

i can't exactly explain this feeling i have it's of everything registering like sliding into the right place and i have goals and feel this.
real strong.

it's of beauty and of pain it's the laughter
yet all in vain

haiku you. it looks awful quiet in this city, like i'm the only one making noise. like everyone else just stores their stuffs. stuffs n sleeps. it's like hundreds of tiny windows staring at me, like tiny tv's.

i see how this could work.

some art about some future, distant machinery yawn and crash and me standing in the sea i look to you but you're not there

it's just me...'s just me.