Wednesday, February 25, 2009

and the wind blows right through me

i should be ready for things i'm not ready for, i suppose.
there is a quiet in my life, a void i'm in no hurry to fill, because now i feel better.

i remember long ago crying about some boy.
my friend had to tell me something, she had to tell on him that he wasn't who i thought he was.
i sat at a table in her cafe, tears spilling into my hot cider.
feeling this feeling like i couldn't breathe.
she explained it to me like this, "---" needs to be free! he is a free spirit! he cages himself but the truth is he needs to be free!
later on
years and years later, another boy, another tear spilled
this one thought
the absolute worst of me, that i was some demon.
do you even know me?

i would like to thank each of them, each and every jerk i've dated for not trapping me.
cause where would i be???
certainly not following my dreams...
...certainly i wouldn't really even be me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


i made something for you