Monday, November 26, 2007

well good morning to you too, door

how bizarre...perhaps one door falls apart before another one opens...

i'm not even going to lie to you. this weekend was horrible. i'll spare the details but i feel like a child pretending to be a grown-up. isn't it awful when things from so long ago that you forgot about resurface and are pulled out of context and you can see how someone might feel the way they feel but that was never your intention. or when something you are proud of is suddenly seen as some sort of shameless self-promotion. it was horrible and hard, and i've had a hard time shaking it off.

but today was great.

yep it wasn't bad at all.

betsy's the sweetheart who started my day.
your email and support,
will you take a break from berkeley already and come back to the islands?

and then

i sold my buddha (an homage to frida kahlo)
this painting is very hard to let go of. my friend has been asking me about it since august!
i didn't mean to ever seem evasive...
i'm usually not this attached to things.
this was such a hard painting to paint, but i needed to do it.
and the cool thing is
he needs to have it! i needed to make it and he needs to have it. there is something thrilling about a transaction where both people know they just got what they needed. trading value for value.
and being able to tell the story.

you rock my world scott!
thanks for taking the time out to catch up with me.

last week, one of my old friends sent me this picture from when he visited...
how creepy!
i mean i know i'm just chillin out, eatin some cereal, but it stopped me in my tracks when i saw this photo. that was from around the same time the painting was completed.

it really made me realize how far i've come, how much art has helped me to change my environment and reality. how much art helps us to process experiences and then make change.
and how glad i am that i rearranged the living room.

ahh friends. thank you for all of these amazing friends.
here and everywhere.

everything's gonna be ok.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

certified letters and bills (not my day)

Let's reminisce about Thanksgiving Day instead...Faith and Analu are my kindred soul Carless Wonders. But by some miracle, here we are with our extra cool radio in a Mazda pup truck. I know it's supposed to be p/up but it kinda reminded me of a cute little puppy. We were definitely all wagging our tails! Heading to the beach...

Merrh is anything cuter than these two?

Puaena Point with Mount Kaala in the background

And then after the slight stress of cooking stuffed mushrooms in time for the feast,
we got down to some serious eating in my neighborhood....
No one dressed up like Pilgrims or Indians or Cowboys as we had planned, but that's OK . It's great to see friends from the other side of the island and to share more good times with my neighbors.
Here's a few samples of the post-meal glow...

oh my lord you have to love accidental video! Sweet Pea dancing in the background...

and Faith being really really ridiculously adorable.
Sad to see Faith and Analu go before dark, but that's when the real fun began...


We are such dorks!

Oh and weirdos too, here's mine and Alissa's new back door guardian. You can't tell from this picture, but his abdomen looks like it's made of dichroic glass. Should we name him? I just hope he has an appetite for mosquitos!

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Canal

The Canal (the painting)

Two weeks ago, I went on a bike on the bus type adventure in town. Not so many photos because I left my camera home for the weekend. Just taking pictures with my mind, I guess. See when you're walking and biking and taking public transportation, you see a lot more than in the car. Especially when you're travelling through a world that is all about the car. Shhh...don't tell but especially when I walk, I find nothing but treasures. Next time I'm bored, perhaps I'll post some photos of said finds. Anyways, back to the matter at hand, the other weekend. I was drooling and spacing out on the filmy bus window from the bus rocking and the arms crossing when we crossed this canal and it looked like there was a river of trash. That's when I realized what all this hurry is about. If you go quickly, you outrun it a little. When you're on the bus, you're not outrunnin nothin. But in your car, you might miss it. Talking to my mom, their well at the house
Reading craft magazines about environmental issues?
Now this is my kind of craft, no more wooden hinged bears that say welcome.
But what does that mean...
Is it as bad as it seems...
I remember years ago making a painting but not just with pigments, with trash I found on a hike: the plastic holder for earrings, a candy wrapper. Tucking these moments into the side of a mountain, a river's stream.
I thought so many years ago this was all dire.

But None To Drink (the painting)
I must give kudos to my brother and sister for inspiring me to start a blog. They think people might be interested(?). Interesting. Please visit my website, to see more of my artwork.