Thursday, February 21, 2008

road trips, flap jacks, and pau hana

oops. happy valentines day!
i'm a little behind schedule this month,
but i've been working hard.

The Forrest Through the Trees
and Abacus.

Using one of these devices as a child made math seem less abstract. Now I know how to add (believe it or not) but getting back to the fundamentals never seemed more appropriate. Paying my respects to the beginning of things.
Which comes first, the tree, the seed.

maybe it was in honor of the month that celebrates true love. maybe that's why this praying mantis was trying to romance my flip flop outside of haleiwa eats. try the chicken panang curry. it's amazing!

and haleiwa cafe serves up a mean breakfast in a barrel although this morning we were all slightly distracted by the love letter forrest received from a neighboring table.
flapjacks anyone?
we had to celebrate because gavin's song would be airing during a coke commercial during the superbowl!

the north shore was raaaaainy for a little bit there...we decided a road trip ~island style~ might be just the thing to cure the winter blues.
especially since you can see this entire island even if you start out around noon!

so from the west side we traveled east, into the rain.
but no road trip would be complete without at least a taste of the koolau mountains...

alas, then it was back to work for me for a second. on the uss missouri for indigo. we were so mad we had to work.

i got mooned by some navy dudes and one of them was so drunk he climbed up onto the cannon reminding us all of cher in the turn back time video.
i always wanted to do that!
but he got some sharp words from the matriarch of the ship.

while we enjoyed a little pau hana.