Monday, January 19, 2009

would you like to share

i'm just listening to myself

there is no such thing as disposable energy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the world is dark without heart

covert mullet shot, an emily catey exclusive.
just inspect the background:)

and then home.

a bunch of cokeheads
we needed the energy to decorate our fabulous christmas palm

christmas morning drive

like lace

poor santa. sleigh by night, car by day.
i amused myself by watching out for the double takes from passing cars.

fruit interlude


in the distance

two homes, i've been here before


i feel left out:(
nobody told me it was argyle sock day;)
by the way, the backseat was a flurry of texting and helioing it and ipods with shows on them and so on and so forth.
i just kept looking out the window, noticing signs with the bulbs burned out that would have lit up a letter.
wal art


the high point

philly, as close as i could get.

new york,
white christmas.
well sorta...

fire island

we could barely move after the italian feast aunt kerry served. thank you!

i was such an elfy little kid, thanks to uncle ronny for digging up this treasure.
oh man and my dad's bar mitvah book

grandma and bob spoil us all rotten, always

badu is like a kid in a candy store! does anyone else think it's ironic that he bought me a heap of chocolate and gave me a sonicare?

the most beautiful

next time, we'll hike.

and then home.