Wednesday, April 16, 2008

year of the liver

how can this not be personal, when it is.
shaking me
my very core
where the strength should be.


the places where i have found myself
i was there all along
the places i need to be besides my home

an afternoon of french press coffee and great conversation.
not to mention these two are the only other people i know who got such a fabulous car for next to nothing.
an afternoon in the volvo
god i love town
or maybe i just love faith and analu and the good times we always have.

yes it's true the country mouse needs the city sometimes (often)

and then to kevi's for a different kind town adventure...

jazzminds for tempo valley

hmm. perhaps i finally have a quintessential bathroom myspace photo...
i definitely needed some sleep, but you can sleep when you're dead, right.

good times and a beautiful night

eek! it's true. me, the lover of trees, was scared of this one!
the day broke through
i found
the north shore, nasty things like a mcgriddle,
beautiful things like the ocean

and the sky

so now i can make art and pack
i know
and it's ok.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i guess i tempted the fates by writing about whales n shells...
yoga session cancelled
thank goodness
the whales were there to greet me

well i told you that in the beginning...

a conversation with myself
starts and ends
with reprimands

my first pseudo home here, keiki beach / log cabins.
whales n shells
so many memories

and makin s'more...
easter lobster and an easter egg sky

and the lines of my second home

just a day off, an afternoon off here and there
center me

a trail that went up and up and up and views that took my breath.
gave you the power,

what was it anyway